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Sample Organisational Manual

The Project

The purpose of this project was to develop a Sample Organisational Manual for Carer Respite Centres in NSW.

Sample manual

The CRC Sample Organisational Manual is available. Download it here:

PDF Version (480k). Word Version (278k) WordPerfect Version (309)

The policies in the Sample Manual have been through a drafting and redrafting process involving many CRCs.
They are seen by CRCs as providing a firm basis for an Organisational Manual.

Each CRC is unique and so it is intended that this Sample Manual will be changed and modified by CRCs to suit their local Centre.

While every care has been taken with the development of these draft sample policies each CRC must take responsibility for approving their own policies.

Supplementary material

The Supplementary Material is a collection of contracts, forms, questionnaires, checklists etc currently in use by CRCs.

The Supplementary Material has been gathered together for ease of reference. Many CRCs indicated that wanted to be able to see the forms, checklists, contracts, etc that other CRCs were using. These supplementary materials have NOT been redrafted or in any way.

The Supplementary Material can be downloaded from here.