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5. Report & survey forms

Warnervale Districty Community Survey

5. Report and survey forms



The final report (830kb)

The survey forms & instruments

The survey instruments include two long questionnaires (Forms A and B) and a short questionnaire. Because the research is exploring a wide range of issues there were a large number of questions included. To make the task more manageable for the participants two questionnaires were used. Half the community received Form A and half the community Form B. They both share a large number of questions and each form also has some questions not included in the other form.

People who did not reply to Form A or Form B received the short Form of the Questionnaire with the second written reminder.

A phone survey is being undertaken with a random sample of people who have not completed any of the questionnaires. The phone survey will be available on this web site when it is developed.

Covering Letter for use with Forms A and B

Form A(Questions not in Form B include 5a) 5b) 5c) 5d) 5j) 5k) 5l) 5m) 5n 6o) 6p) 7a) 7b) 7c) 7d) 9a) 9b) 10a) to 10h) 12a) to 12m) 13c) parts of 13t))

Form B(Questions not in Form A include 5k) 5l) 5m) 5n) 5o) 6n) 6p) 7a) to 7l) 10a) to 10f) 11a) to 11n) 12a) to 12e) 13) 14c) 14h) 14l) 14m) )

Covering Letter for Short Form

Short Form

The survey instruments have drawn on a wide variety of social capital studies and surveys including:
Social Capital Questionnaire - Five Communities in NSW - Best 36 questions
The Australian Institute of Family Studies Survey - see the project summary
The US Social Capital Community Benchmark Survey - see the web site.