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Contents | 1. Essence | 2. Aproaches | 3. Process | 4. Measuring outcomes | 5. Paradoxes
6. Examples | 7. Jargon | 8. Checklist | 9. Practice tips | 10. Resources

8. Checklist

An evaluation checklist

1. What is the purpose of the evaluation?

2. Who are the users of the evaluation? What are their questions? What will they find useful? What would the answers to their questions look like if they had them?

3. Who are the principal stakeholders?

4. What are the processes that will enable these stakeholders to participate in the evaluation process?

5. Whose values will underpin the evaluation process?

6. What is the table of the contents of the evaluation report? How long is it? How long will each chapter/section be?

7. What is the most appropriate mix of strategies and tools to achieve the purpose for this evaluation and be useful to the users?

8. In the evaluation process is there a good mix of qualitative strategies, quantitative strategies and opportunities for dialogue and reflection?

9. Are the evaluation strategies and tools appropriate for the kinds of processes being evaluated (ie administrative, human service, community development etc)?

10. Given the nature of the processes being evaluated are there sufficient evaluation strategies in place to convince a reasonable person about the worth of what is being done?

11. What evaluation tools could be used? What tools do we want to use? Why?

12. Are the tools already available? If not, how can they be developed?

13. How will we collate and analyse the relevant data?

14. How will we report/communicate the findings to those people who need to use the findings from the evaluation?

15. What resources will be required to achieve the above? Are the resources required commensurate with the purpose to be achieved?

16. Do we require any external specialist expertise or other resources?