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6. Resources

Useful reading

These readings focus on evidence based practice in areas such as child-protection, youth justice services and social work.

Evidence Based Policy and Practice: Cross Sector Lessons from the UK.

Child Welfare Information Gateway Implementing Evidence-Based Practice

Forward via the Past? Evidence-based practice as a strategy in social work(PDF) Catherine McDonald University of Queensland

Evidence Based Practice: myths and realities Dollaghan, C. (2004, April 13). Evidence-based practice: Myths and realities. The ASHA Leader, pp. 4-5, 12.

Expert Panel Child Family Community Australia It inlcudes evaluation resources:

  • Community development and needs assessment
  • Choosing and delivering evidence-based programs
  • Developing a culture of evaluation and research
  • Program evaluation
  • Choosing outcomes measures
  • Practitioner experiences

Evidence databases

The Cochrane Library
Regularly updated evidence-based healthcare databases
The Cochrane Library

The international Campbell Collaboration (C2)
is a non-profit organization that aims to help people make well-informed decisions about the effects of interventions in the social, behavioral and educational arenas.
The Campbell Collaboration

Universities' evidence based practice sites

University of Sydney - Evidence based medicine resources