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Contents | 1. Introduction | 2. Stories we are in | 3. Ways of seeing | 4. Characteristics
5. Organisational review questionnaires | 6. Resources

5. Organisational review questionnaires

It can be useful to ask board members, staff, stakeholders, other organisations about how they view your organisation.

This can be usefully done through interviews or questionnaires.

Different stakeholders have different levels of knowledge about the organisation. For example staff are more likely to have detailed knowledge of staffing, systems and processes as well as knowledge about strategic planning and shared values. Board members are likely to have less knowledge about the systems and process and staff and more knowledge about governance and strategic issues.

The following four on-line surveys have been designed to provide feedback to your organisation. The surveys can also be completed as paper versions.

A. Organisational Review - To what extent does your organisation have the characteristics of a thriving organisation? This could be completed by managers, staff or other people who are very familiar with the organisation.

B. Board Review - To what extent is your Board working well and governing well? This is for board members to review their own work .

C. Staff experience of work - How do your staff experience working for your organisation? This is for staff to complete.

D. Stakeholder views of your organisation - How do other services and stakeholders perceive you? This is for other other stakeholders and services to complete.