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Contents | 1. Introduction | 2. Steps | 3. Practicalities | 4. Examples | 5. Client questionnaires
6. Standardized tools | 7. On-line surveys | 8. Checklists | 9. Resources

8. Checklists

Developing your questionnaire

1. What is the purpose of the questionnaire?

2. Who will use the results? What will be useful to them?

3. What are the broad questions we are hoping to answer through the questionnaire?

4. What are the specific questions to be included in the questionnaire?

5. What resources (financial and personnel) do we have for the survey process?

6. When does the report need to be finalised?

7. Who will complete the questionnaire? Have they been included in the design process?

8. How many people will be asked to complete questionnaires?

9. How many completed questionnaires are needed to have an adequate response rate?

10, How many competed questionnaires do we need to do the analyses we are interested in?

11. How will we make sure we get this response rate? What reminders will be needed?

12. Does the questionnaire include a statement of: its purpose, who will have access to the completed questionnaire and where the report will be available?

13 Have we piloted the questions? Including cognitive testing?

14. How will the results be collated and analysed?

15. Have we piloted the collation and analysis?