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Contents | 1. Introduction | 2. Steps | 3. Practicalities | 4. Examples | 5. Client questionnaires
6. Standardized tools | 7. On-line surveys | 8. Checklists | 9. Resources

4. Examples: Sample questionnaires
for use in community organisations


Questionnaires can be used for many different purposes in human services including:

  • Gathering data about clients so as to be able to describe clients as a group - client profiles
  • Feedback from clients
  • Describing the social reality of clients, families and communities
  • Mapping services
  • Board review
  • Staff feedback
  • Feedback from other organisations and stakeholders

The following questionnaires are example of questionnaires for these various purposes. They are likely to be of use to people working in small community based, non-profit, welfare and church organisations.

Note: Each questionnaire was designed for a specific purpose. The are included here as examples of the kinds of questions that can be asked and the way questionnaires can be put together.
See also Client questionnaires, Standardised tools and ONLINE Sample questionnaires

If you are looking for organisational review surveys see the Organisational review surveys which includes staff, board and other stakeholder surveys as both paper and on-line versions.

Some sample questionnaires

Client profiles

Those two questionnaire was used as part of a Census of Family Worker Clients in NSW to make a profile of current family worker clients in NSW

1. Current Family Worker ClientsPDF

2. Completed Family Worker ClientsPDF

Client feedback

This questionnaire was used as part of a review of a foster care program. It was given to young people in care aged between 12 and 18.

3, Young people in foster care PDF

Measuring social reality - e.g. social capital

This questionnaire includes the best 36 questions from the Measuring Social Capital in Five Communities Study. Please acknowledge the source if you use the questionnaire.

4. Social Capital - the best 36 Questions

This questionnaire was used with group participants in family support services. It includes some questions on client background, perceptions of the group, life situation and social capital.
5. Social Capital and Group Participants
This questionnaire was used with staff in family support services as part of a study into social capital. It includes questions on staff background and work experience as well as life experience and social capital.
6. Social Capital and Staff

This is a three year study 2000-2002 examining the relationship between social capital and community development. There are a series of surveys and tools being used. The research design, research questions and questionnaires are here.

7. Measuring Social Capital in the Wyong Shire

Mapping services

8. Youth Services Census

This questionnaire was used as part of a census of youth services in NSW. The Census was undertaken by YAPA and further details are available from their web site.