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Contents | 1. Introduction | 2. Steps | 3. Practicalities | 4. Examples | 5. Client questionnaires
6. Standardized tools | 7. On-line surveys | 8. Checklists | 9. Resources

9. Resources

Web resources

If you want more detailed tips on designing questionnaires, how to word questions, analysing data some useful links are:

Useful practical references - books

De Vaus, D. A. Surveys in social Research, Sixth Edition, Allen and Unwin, 2013. this is a text that covers how to plan, conduct and analyse social curveys.

Pamela L Alreck and Robert B. Settle The Survey Research Handbook Third Edition Irwin McGraw Hill, 2004. This is a very useful handbook.

Wadsworth, Yoland. Everyday Evaluation on the Run, 3rd Edition , Allen & Unwin 2011. (215pp)

This introduction to program evaluation is written for people working in the human services field. It describes a range of strategies that can be used by non-specialist evaluators and shows how evaluation can be built into busy everyday practice.

Wadsworth, Yoland. Do It Yourself Social Research, 3rd Edition, Allen & Unwin, 2011 (203pp)

This book is a useful companion to Everyday evaluation on the run. It includes practical help on strategies such as questionnaires.

Australian Bureau of Statistics, An Introduction to Sample Surveys, A Users Guide, Australian Bureau of Statistics, 1999 . This provides an overview of the process of questionnaire design through to analysis of results. It is a guide to the basics.