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Contents | 1. Introduction | 2.Steps | 3.Table of contents | 4. Formats and examples | 5. Resources

4. Formats and examples

0 - Format examples
Tables of contents

1- CRC Manual
2- Refuge Manual
Values and principles
3. Client rights and

4. Staff rights and

5. Board rights and

6. Beliefs and

7. Board
8. Management

9. CEO job

Service models
10. Supported

Legal frameworks
11. Duty of care
12. Privacy
Aspects of
service process

13. Worker security
    on home visits

Human resources
14. Disputes and

15. Evaluation



Example 9. Executive Officer's Job Description

Main Roles

The Executive Officer is accountable for:

  • Ensuring that The Service is enlivened by its mission and philosophy
  • Ensuring that The Service achieves the results in each of its programs that it sets out to and that the programs operate within the philosophy and policies of The Service .
  • Ensuring The Service is financially viable and operating efficiently.

Appointed by:

The Board

Accountable to:

The Board


Senior Managers

Liaising/ Working with

Local community

Government and non-government welfare organisations

Wider community



Ensure that The Service has an explicit mission, philosophy and adequate policies and procedures in place.

Ensure that The Service is enlivened by its mission and philosophy and that The Service operates within the agreed philosophy and policies.

Ensure that the Senior Managers operate as a team and that there is a consistent approach across the whole of The Service .


Keep the Board adequately informed so they are able to effectively carry out their role.

Ensures that The Service is effectively and efficiently managed.

Ensures that adequate systems and information are available for the Board, staff and others to know how well The Service is meeting its aims and objectives.

Ensures that programs are regularly reviewed and staff are working for program improvement within the context of the changing needs of the young people and their families and the wider community.

Pastoral Care and Program

Ultimately responsible for pastoral care of young people and staff (and young people's families where appropriate)

Ultimately responsible for all admissions and discharges.


Responsible for the appointment of all staff (delegated to Seniors Managers with the Executive Officer's approval for staff within their units).

Appoints senior managers with the approval of the Board

Ensures that staff appraisal systems are in place throughout The Service

Undertakes regular staff appraisals of Senior Manages and the Fundraising Officer.


Ensures that client and staff complaints are effectively dealt with including referring them to the Board if appropriate.

Relationships with the local community

Maintains and develop relationships with the local community.

Relationships with the welfare community

Ensures that The Service is appropriately represented in relevant organisations and networks within the welfare community (either through participation or appointment of representatives) - including both government and non-government organisations and networks.

Public Relations, Marketing and Fundraising

Responsible for the overall plan and approach for public relations, marketing and fund-raising initiatives.

Be the contact person for the media.


Monitors financial information to ensure that The Service is operating efficiently and within an agreed budget.

Alerts the Board to all key financial issues.


Responsible for ensuring that the archives and records section (including confidential material on clients) is maintained and up-to-date and secure manner and that access is restricted to authorised The Service staff.

Formal Qualifications

Relevant degree (eg, Social Work, Psychology, Education)

Essential Knowledge and Competencies Required

Ability to understand and willingness to be committed to the philosophy and ethos of The Service

Ability to effectively manage staff.

Capacity to lead a senior management team

Effective interpersonal and negotiation skills

Experience in management

Essential Experience

Experience in working in the welfare sector

Desirable Experience

Experience in some residential care or educational setting